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Kritiken Reviews zum Album Mighty River

Metal nose
Soulmatic (The Band) is a German blues rock trio from Cologne with a jazzy touch. They choose to play on vintage instruments and amps and what you hear is what they really played. No tricks, no cues but a pure sound in the studio. The band is not particular heavy, but they rock and swing and their vocals sound like a cross-over to melodic rock with some backing vocals. These are musicians performing their art, without trying to be innovators, but still with their own sound and own approach (listen to their interpretation of the classic ‘Stormy Monday’) to the genre. Add to that a set of good songs and you have a very enjoyable album. I want to mention also guitarist Werner Hammer who has a lovely style. The vocals remind me of the great krautrock days of the past, the vocal pieces of Kraan spring to my mind. ‘Mighty River’ is their second album. I’m sure this is a great live band.




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