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Kritiken Reviews zum Album Mighty River

Tempelores 10/2015
Soulmatic from Cologne, Germany makes Bluesrock. The band comes with their second full length release called gMighty Riverh which is out now.

Fourteen tracks of songs from live. What are they running into and what they like. The lyrics are clear. gGood &Badh, gYou Are The Only Oneh and gIfm Outta Hereh are very straightforward and if you look at the whole product you could say that they have in common the theme of freedom. Freedom to travel and explore the world, whether than maybe in the streets around the block or in Nagasaki where a girl was seen and inspired them for a song. Roadtrip material it is, seeking the kilometers passing by while the boys are telling you about live and its strubbles.
Fourteen tracks is a full release, maybe they could have been going with one or two song less as at the end you feel like you have heard it all. The album has its needed variation, but the last two tracks are a mostly spend wondering whether the album will be over now. g Mighty Riversh is a fine release that gives the listeners a long listening experience. Probably the music comes more alive while seeing it live so whenever they are near, have a shot.



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