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After the release of our third album "Silverliner" in April, we have already received quite a few reviews. Here are some quotes, not what we write about us, but what others write about us:
"classic, innovative and with a sense of detail, Soulmatic present an interesting album which will surely live up to the live innovativ..."

Soulmatic deliver with Silverliner a really very successful portion Blues-Rock

Der Hörspiegel
"Digital is everywhere, but this band is dedicated to the analog sound. If you listen to this album and like rock music, you can be sure that you want to experience the band live.

RSD Radio
Soulmatic delivers musical ear candles. Really fine music for a lukewarm evening with a cool beer on the terrace of your choice.

Underground Empire
Blues Rock from outer space - or how is this message? In any case, the musicians from SOULMATIC present themselves on their current rehearsals as the successor of Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin & Co. and have, of course, overthrown some more modern and unusual space suits. Musically, however, one remains ground-floor, the Blues reigns the rock, but also Ska influences (Down Town) or a portion of AC/DC -TNT- guitars increase the explosive power - and also that this disc never gets boring

Radio Z Welle 95,8
the entire CD will not be boring for a moment - when music binds us, for dancing, rocking and flipping, I find it absolutely great! It is a very successful Rhythm & Blues disc which is entertaining and makes the dancing leg vibrate brilliantly

Medien Info/CD aktuell
with their third longplayer silver liner, the Blues a rock trio delivers a lupine-free analogue record. The band got their groovy sound back to the point. So the new album sounds wonderfully loose and warm, reminding both musically and soundly of the time when music could still be enjoyed on vinyl, and the time for the conscious listening of an album was taken without digital stimulus.

"the Germans came up with a release that shows a good combination of Blues and Classic Rock-Here and there you find influences of famous artist back-but the Band does have also enough to offer from thrmselfes. Silverliner is a fine release thar will probanly glow even more when performed live"

The Rocker UK
"Time for sone blues rock and we are off to Germany... they have some good songs and arrangemens which means like "Flying Away","Drive You Home", Dancing in the Rsin" and otherd stand up for repeat plays - this (CD) made for a good listening experience."

The guys have always been without technical frills, as far as the musical direction is concerned. Old school rock with a good blues impact, which often reminded me of THE DOORS times. Rock, funk, blues all mixed well and not shaken too much. Your music simply spills a good mood and makes your ears fun.

"...sounded by international pop specialists, and logically, these German blues rockers on "Silverliner" curiously (for this style) with a space travel concept album. This is basically irrelevant, because frontman Werner Hammer can sing with his voice (David Lee Roth light) what he wants.Soulmstics sometimes considerable degrees of hardness and, on the other hand, does not shy away from AOR elements stands alone and does not suggest compelling messages deeper meaning. The disc offers sophisticated entertainment with melodic and rhythmic alternation and despite the classic orientation thanks to the original orange mouse, never gets boring treats for the blue base

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