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Since the beginning of 2007 Soulmatic plays their new songs in highly concentrated dosage in a trio as a panacea against danceweakness and lose of Tinitus.. The three Soulmates present Blues, Rock and Soul in top form. The high-caliber Band with Stefan Quast (bass) from Schönstein Ralf Eul (drums / singing) from Willroth and Werner Hammer (vocal / guitar) from Schönstein impressively shows that there is still a Groove-God next to sampler and MIDI equipment Soulmatic mainly contains new songs, often published on the Internet. Also on a whole series of albums and samplers their music can be found, f.e. their newest ALBUM "SILVERLINER" published by Fastball or the older "Showbiz Blues" - sampler published by bluesnews magazine   produced by the Hamburg label Echo Beach


After Klaus Loar switched to the covered side of power at the beginning of 2014, Stefan Quast, who also lives in Schönstein, takes over the bass section. If you look at the Vita of Stefan, you could expect a break through of the band, even without a noticeable pit stop. In addition to his didactic tasks in his own music school and his scientific publications, he showed his practical musical abilities in a well-known series of bands and projects. Further details are here to find..


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Ralf Eul from Willroth brings, as the soulid
drummerrr of the band,  brings the galley on
pile speed, using his 40-years old SONOR
drum kit.. He is also a famous and popular
session musician in the
Bonn / Cologne music scene






With Werner Hammer on the electric egg cutter and on the microphone, Soulmatic has already earned a good name in the Rhein-Sieg area. However, he managed to do so in the early 1990s in the formation called 'Noch' ne Bänd ' for studios with Dieter Dierks and Frank Farian, as well as hysterical concerts in front of thousands of fans at "Bochum Total" or in underground garages and industrial halls

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Since 7/08 Horst "Horry" Eul supervised both the shafts of the bass section as well as the vocalisation of the band. He was only able to mentally support the band from spring 2011 onwards. On 1 August 2012, he continued his musical work at a higher place.

"....another Blues Stringer back home"

Jimmie Vaughan


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